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Our work area range is normally from North Orange County California through South Orange County.including the cities of San Clemente, Dana Point, San Juan Capistrano, Mission Viejo, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Lake Forest, Laguna Woods, Irvine, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach.

At Steve's Iron - Fences and Gate Repair, our number one concern is customer satisfaction. We believe this can only be accomplished by providing superior service, quality service and competitive pricing, all in a timely manner to meet the customer's needs. We are committed to business integrity and honesty, through hard work, organization, cleanliness, courtesy and communication.

Please give us a call today for more information on the many services we have to offer. We are more than happy to help in any way possible, and we look forward to working with you!

Steve's Iron - Fence and Gate Repair Mobile Welding is available for Emergency Fence Repairs. Our mobile welding service comes to you, at your business, home, garage, dock, or roadside location. Mobile means more than just showing up at your location. We bring everything needed, including a generator to power our electric welders.

Mobile welding for wrought iron. We weld and repair trailers, railings, handrails, fences, gates, security bars, brackets, tools, grates, frames (and more).


I rarely offer a recommendation, because most the time I am disappointed. Steve Valencia, owner of Steve's Iron is the exception. It has been such a great pleasure working with Steve. I hired him to do a small job, and he responded quickly and professionally. He then performed beyond my expectations, by completing the job immediately and to perfection. I recommend his services to anyone in need of any kind of ironwork. Although the job was small, he treated me like I was his biggest customer. He also did beautiful work, and my wife and I were amazed at the outcome.
Thank you Steve.

Kevin Kellerman
San Clemente, California

I would highly recommend Steve at "Steves Iron" to do your repair work. He was prompt in returning my call, on time for his appointment and was able to give me a estimate of the work needed to be done to repair my gate and fix it on the spot. His work was high quality and I don't think my gate should need repair ever again. He was at my home about 4 hours and was nice and neat. Everything looked great when he left. His truck is loaded with all the proper equipment to get the job done the first time, no running to a store to buy anything.

Give Steve an opportunity to do your job if you want it done right!
Happy Home owner: Pam D.

Just a note to say thanks for a job " Well Done". We are delighted with the outcome of the iron gate project. We look forward to possible additional work in the days ahead. Again, we are grateful for your skills and abilities.


C. J. Del Grosso
671 Calle Juarez
San Clemente, CA 92673

This year's heavy rains caused our two wrought iron gates to shift. One had to be lifted and dragged over a cement path to open or close, and the other had moved so much that it actually hit the opposite post and could not be closed at all.

I found on the internet and called the number listed on their website. Steve came out the following afternoon to look at the job and give us an estimate, then returned about an hour later to complete the work. As it turned out, the hinges had to be removed and welded into new positions and the latches likewise repositioned. Steve was very professional, worked hard and did an awesome job. Both gates now work as well or maybe even better than they did when the fences were installed, and the price for all the work was very reasonable.

It is so nice to find someone who is honest, does good work and does it for a fair price. We would definitely recommend this company for welding services.

C. Roberts
Dana Point 8/3/2011

I have a iron gate that leads into my patio area. The design of the gate allowed water to collect in the bottom one-third of the gate and over time the gate rusted through. I called Steve to look at the gate and see what could be done. Steve made suggestion on re-engineering the gate to eliminate the problem and I gave him the job.

Now the gate has been reinstalled with the modifications. It is a much better design and it looks great also.

I found Steve to be a very professional person that does what he says he will do in the time promised. I thought that his fee was fair and that I got full value for the money I spent. Going forward if I have any other issues with metal gates Steve will be the first person I call.

Robert McClernon
Laguna Beach, CA 11/2014


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Welding is the process of melting metals or thermoplastics and adding a filler material to fill gaps and produce a secure coalescence between the original materials. Welding naturally produces a stronger bond than soldering or brazing because the original materials are melted and interact in a molten form to create a juncture that is nearly as strong (sometimes as strong or stronger than) the surrounding materials. Welding rods, wire, or sticks of differing materials act as fillers and/or catalysts in forming the bond.

Although welding is performed in a number of ways, in this commercial context we are concerned with the various types of electric arc and gas flame welding. These methods are simpler and less expensive than plasma, laser, ultra sound, forge, or pressure welding. For commercial and residential applications oxy-acetylene welding, shielded and non-shielded arc welding, MIG and TIG welding are sufficient to fabricate or repair common applications.

Oxy-acetylene welding combines oxygen and a fuel (acetylene) to produce an extremely hot flame that melts metal. A filler material is usually added to supply material for filling space between the materials to be joined. Oxy-acetylene torches are also used for metal cutting. The hot flame cuts metal by melting a kerf through the material. Waste material flows away as oxide slag.

Non-shielded arc welding requires a strong electrical source at high current. Thicker materials demand higher current. The welder must melt the two pieces to be joined, forming and maintaining a constant-sized plasma pool as the weld advances. Advanced skill is required to produce a clean, even weld.

Shielded arc welding is also commonly known as stick welding. The stick, or welding rod, can be made of any number of alloys and is usually coated with a flux material that, as it is consumed in the heat, forms a protective gaseous shield around the weld that allows the operator to work without the need for exact control, speed and electrical current.

MIG Welding (metal inert gas welding) uses a consumable wire that is automatically or semi-automatically fed through a welding gun along with an inert gas to shield the weld from splash-producing ambient atmosphere oxygen and other active gas traces. This process can produce a clean, even weld that is strong and unimpaired by bubbles or impure slag. MIG is the most commonly used welding method in commercial applications.

TIG Welding is especially suited for lightweight stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium, and copper alloys. It employs a non-consumable tungsten electrode and an inert shielding gas, usually argon, to produce a finely controlled weld. The advantage of fine control is balanced by the disadvantage of being much slower than other types of welding. A filler metal is usually added although some TIG welds can be made autogenously with no filler.

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